Whenever Wherever

oleh Shakira

Copyright : Youtube/shakiraVEVO

Shakira dengan video klip terbarunya Whenever, Wherever masih dengan konsep tariannya, namun kali ini ia menampilkan tarian belly dance dengan latar belakang gurun dan sekumpulan kuda yang berlari melintasinya. Tidak hanya enak didengar namun video klip ini juga dapat mengajak kita bergoyang. ()

lucky you were born that far awy sowe can both make fun of distance, lucky that i love a foreign land fore, the lucky fact of your existancebaby i would climb the andesole to count the freckels on your body never could imagine there where only, 10,000,000 way's to love somebody
le lo le lo le leeahle lo le lo le leeahcan't you see i'm at your feet
(chorus)whenever wherever were meant to be together i'll be there and you'll be near, and that's the deal my dear your over your under you'll never have to wonder we can alway's play by ear and thats the deal my dear
lucky for my lips not only mumble they can spill kisses like a fountain, thankyou for my breasts there small and humble so you don't confuse them with mountains lucky i have strong legs like my mother to run for cover when i need and these two eyes that for no other, the day you leave i'll cry a river
lo le lo le lo leeahlo le lo le lo leeahi'm at your feet i'm at your feet
Lo lo lo lo lo leeahlo lo lo lo lo leeahthink out loud say it againlo lo lo lol lo leah lo leeeahtell me one more time that you'll live lost in my eyes
(chorus x2)