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Video yang menampilkan para bomber yang menandai dinding-dinding kota dengan logo mereka, video yang berbasis kartun animasi ini menampilkan suasana kota ketika malam hari. (nat)

from the top to the bottombottom to top i stopat the core i've forgottenin the middle of my thoughtstaken far from my safetythe picture's therethe memory won't escape mebut why should i care
we're stuck in a place so darkyou could hardly seea manner of matter that splits with the words i breatheand as the rain drips acidic questions around mei block out the sight of the powers that beduck away into the darknesstimes upi wind up in a rusted world with eyes shutso tight that it blurs into the world of pretendand the eyes ease open and it's dark again
in the memory you'll find meeyes burning upthe darkness holding me tightlyuntil the sun rises up
listen to the sounddizzy from the ups and downsand nauseated by the polluted rock that's all aroundwatching the wheels of cars that passi look past to the last of the light and the long shadows it castsa window grows and captures the eyeand cries out yellow light as it passes me byand a young shadowy figure sits in front of a boxinside a building of rocks with antennas on topnow nothing can stop in this land of the painthe same lose not knowing they were part of the gameand while the insides changethe box stays the sameand the figure inside could bear anybody's namethe memories i keep are from a time like theni put on my paper so i could come back to themsomeday i'm hoping to close my eyes and pretendthat this crumpled up paper can be perfect again
i'm here at the podium talkingthe ceremonial offeringsdedicated to urban dysfunctional offspringwhat's happeningcity governments are eternally nappingtrapped in greedy covenants causing urban collapsingbullets that scar souls with dark holdsget more than your car stolesome hearts be blacker than charcoalfor real this society's deprivation dependsnot on our differences but the separation withinno preparation is made limited aidminimum wageliving in a tenement cage where rent isn't paidtragedy within a paradethe darkness overspread like permanent plaugein the forgotten