Loyal (Explicit) ft. Lil Wayne, Tyga

oleh Chris Brown

Copyright : ChrisBrownVEVO

Chris Brown mengajak Lil Wayne dan Tyga untuk salah satu singlenya Loyal. Tidak lengkap rasanya buat cowok bernama lengkap Christopher Maurice ini kalau tidak menampilkan sebuah tarian dalam klipnya. Nuansa glamor yang biasanya melekat dengan para rapper begitu terasa dalam video tersebut. (cvn)

(YOUNG MULA BAAAAY-BAY!!) Let me seeHaha, you thought it was over? Let me see
I wasn't born last nightI know this hoes ain't rightBut you was blowin' up her phone last nightBut she ain't have her ring nor her ring on last night, oohNigga, that's that nerveWhy give a bitch your heart when she rather have a purse?Why give a bitch your inch when she rather have nine?You know how the game goes, she be mine by half timeI'm the shit, ooh - nigga, that's that nerveYou all about her, and she all about hersBirdman Junior in this bitch, no flamingosAnd I done did everything but trust these hoesCB, fuck with me!
When a rich nigga want youAnd your nigga can't do nothing for ya (ohhh)These hoes ain't loyal... (whoooa)These hoes ain't loyal... (yea-yeah - let me see)
Just got richTook a broke nigga's bitchI can make a broke bitch richBut I don't fuck with broke bitches
Got a white girl with some fake tittiesI took her to the Bay with meEyes closed, smokin' marijuanaRollin' up the Bob Marley I'm a Ra-staShe wanna do drugs (drugs)Smoke weed, get drunk (wasted)She wanna see a nigga trappedShe wanna fuck all the rappers (uh-huh)
Black girl with a big bootyIf she a bad bitch, let's get to it (right away)We up in this club - bring me the bottlesI know girl, that you came in this bitch with your manThat's a no-no girlAll this money in the air; I wanna see you dance
AUUGH! Rich young nigga; name got biggerand my change got bigger so my chains got biggerFerrari, Jaguar, switchin' four lanesWith the top down screamin' out "Money ain't a thang!Hah, me and CB in the Bay with herSend her back home so you can lay with herOkay, let's talk about this ice that I'm carryin'All these carrots[?] like I'm a fuckin' vegetarianShout-out Weezy F., keep a red bone wetRose rolex, hoes on deck, she know I got a checkDo it too good when she ride that dick (whoo!)Man I wouldn't trust that bitch - NO! (Haha)
Come on, come on, girl - why you frontin'?Baby show me somethingWhen I call her, she gon' leaveAnd I bet that bottom dollar she gon' cheatCome on, come on, girl - why you frontin'?Baby show me somethingYou just spent your ring on herAnd it's all for nothing (yeah, yeah, yeah)