Me, Myself And I

oleh Beyonce Knowles

Copyright : Youtube/beyonceVEVO

Beyonce kembali tampil seksi, dalam video ini ia membawakan konsep sebuah kamar dimana ia merangkak di lantai memberi kesan sensual dengan scene ia berada di bathtub. (nat)

All the ladies if you feel me, help me sing it now...
:Verse 1:I can't believe i believedEverything we had would lastSo young and naive for me to think She was from your pastSilly of me to dream ofOne day having your kidsLove is so blindIt feels right when it's wrong
I can't believe i fell for four yearsI'm smarter than thatSo young and naive to believe with me You're a changed manFoolish of me to compete When you cheat with loose womenIt took me some time but now i moved on
Cuz i realize i got
:Chorus: (repeat 2x)Me myself and ithat's all i got in the endthat's what i found out And there aint no need to cry I took a vow that from now onI'm gon be my own best friend
:Verse 2:So controlling, you said that you love me but you don'tYour family told me one day I would see it on my ownNext thing i know i'm dealingWith your three kids in my homeI've been so blind It feels right when its wrong
:Verse 3:Now that it's over Stop calling me Come pick up your clothesNo need to front like you're still with me All your homies knowEven your very best friend Tried to warn me on the lowIt to me some time But now i am strong
Because i realized i got
:chorus: 2x
:bridge:Me myself and iI know that i will never disapoint myselfAfter i cried a thousand timeAll the ladies if you feel me Help me sing it nowAfter what you put me throughYa, you hurt me But i learned alot along the wayAfter all the raint You'll see the sun come out againI know that i will never disappoint myself